Roulette Glossary

American Roulette – The version of Roulette that is primarily played in South, Central and North Americas. The wheel includes numbers double zero, zero and one through 36. There are 38 pockets in this version of the game.

Biased Wheel – This is a wheel that gets its name due to the fact that some numbers are more likely to be winners than others. Easy to exploit, this wheel has been used by many savvy gamblers to guarantee winnings.

Call Bets – Wagers where the bet is called out verbally as opposed to putting Roulette chips on the table. In many casinos this type of bet is prohibited. Instead, players have the option of announcing their bet and then placing their chips on the gaming table.

Double Zero – This is the “00” on the wheel; this designation is only seen on wheels in games of American Roulette.

En Prison – French for “in-prison,” it is a rule that is used only on even-money wagers. In online Roulette players are often allowed to leave their bet alone or take 50% of it back. When they choose to leave the bet alone it is applied to their next spin as well. If the next spin results in the wheel stopping at 0, a player loses the entire amount of the bet.

Floater - This is the term used to refer to the ball remaining around the wheel’s edge. The ball does not end up in the wheel’s number compartment.

Frets – This is the term for the metal partitions that separate the numbers on the Roulette wheel. They allow the ball to randomly land on a number at the conclusion of each spin.

George – This is what a Roulette dealer in a land based casino calls any player who gives them significant tips in the form of Roulette chips.

House Numbers – The term refers to the numbers on the Roulette wheel that players have a tendency to avoid betting on. These are generally numbers on which the winning party is usually the casino.

Insurance – This is the term used for an extra bet that players place in order to lessen the odds that they will lose if the bet hits.

La Partage Rule – This is a rule that is used for even-money bets. In the event that the Roulette ball lands on the zero, a player will only lose half of their bet. The rule is popular among players because it is cuts the house edge in half.

MMini-Roulette – Some online casinos offer a miniaturized version of Roulette. The game gets its name from the fact that the wheel is smaller than a typical Roulette wheel would be. Since the wheel is smaller it only includes numbers zero through 12. Another difference in this version of the game is that any spin of the wheel that land on a zero returns 50% of the losses.

Orphans - This is a term heard in European casinos as opposed to American casinos. It is the term used to describe a bet that includes the numbers 6, 34 and 17. These numbers are far from each other on the European Roulette wheel but are considered neighbors.

Orphelins – This is also a European casino term that refers to any three numbers a player bets on that are near each other on the Roulette wheel.

Parlay – This is a style of betting where the player keeps their winning wager to use on their next spin of the wheel. The term is also sometimes used to mean a winning bet is doubled and played in the upcoming round.

Pockets – These are the parts of the Roulette wheel where the ball lands after a spin. All of the parts are numbered and are red, black or green in color.

Punter – This is the term used to refer to a gambler that enters a game with the goal of winning a small amount. When they have reached that goal, they leave the game.

Regress – This is the term used to refer to when a player reduces the amount of the bets they are placing in the game.

Scared Money – This term is used to identify a Roulette player that is clearly nervous about placing their bets.

Six Line – This refers to a type of bet in which two adjacent number rows on the table are bet on. In total, six numbers are covered with this type of bet.

Street – This is a term for a bet a player places on any three numbers that in a row on the Roulette table. Chips are placed along the edge of the row when a player chooses this type of bet.

Surrender – This is a rule that is sometimes used in American Roulette. It very closely resembles the “:En Prison” rule used in French Roulette games.

Trends – This is the term used to refer to a sequence of selections, numbers, columns, colors, odds and evens that are recognizable by players.

Trio – A bet that is considered a combination bet in an alternate form. Players bet the ball will land on one of three numbers.

Zeros and Double Zeros – These are the spaces on the wheel that are designated for one or two occurrences of the number. Only American Roulette wheels have double zeroes.