10 Million to be won at Blackjack

Published on 01/21/2019 11:58:47

Looks like the marketing department at Betfred is finally waking up. And in a big big style, if I may say so. 10 millions GBP to be given away within the promotion is really not to be seen on a daily basis.

The casino is offering an exclusive price of £10,000,000 where you can win a jackpot multiplier of 1,000,000 times the total stakes-placed.

Facts about the Promo

The promotion is available on Betfred from 1st January 2019 to 23rd December 2019 on Betfred platform. However, if within that time, the total payout exceeds £10,000,000, the game will be terminated. Six decks of cards are used in this game where the cards will be dealt in a tiered system. Each hand comprises six to thirteen cards. The minimum base game stake is £1 while the maximum is £10 and other than this, you won’t have to place any other stake price. In this blackjack, a player is capable of drawing a card on the 21st slot.

If you are waiting for something dramatic in your gambling life, then sit at the Betfred blackjack table where the Charlie Rule has ensured to give you the wins, despite you not beating the dealer. All you need to do is make a hand of six or more cards without busting and you might win the stake price.

Charlie's hand Prize
13 cards 10,00,000x initial stake
12 cards 1,00,000x initial stake
11 cards 10,000x initial stake
10 cards 1000x initial stake
9 cards 100x initial stake
8 cards 10x initial stake
7 cards 5x initial stake
6 cards 1x initial stake

What is a Charlie rule?

According to the Charlie rule, a player will win even without defeating the dealer if he manages to land a hand with a definite number of cards without busting.

Terms and Conditions

1.      The Charlie prizes in the Blackjack game of £10,000,000 are available only on the Betfred blackjack in the Betfred casino.

2.     The Betfred Blackjack game will be available from 00:00:00 GMT on 1st January 2019 to 23:59:59 of 23rd December 2019. The game will be terminated if the total payout of the Charlie cards reaches the maximum limit of £10,000,000. After the game is set unavailable, any prize won via the Charlie card will be devoid of any value. However, if someone wins a single payout of £10,000,000, another £10,000,000 will be set as the limit for the game until the deadline.

3.     The prizes via the Charlie cards can be won in two different manners:

·       The player will directly land a hand stem in a two card deal

·       The player gains a hand of six to thirteen cards without busting

4.    A player won’t have to place any staking price other than in the base game.

5.     Here, six decks of playing cards are used.

6.    The Betfred Blackjack allows a player to draw a soft 21, where the hand comprises of 21 point cards and a separate Ace which awards 11 points.

7.     Regardless of what the total point is, the player won’ be able to draw more than thirteen cards in a single hand.

8.    The prizes will be offered on any individual box or hand played.

9.    After winning a Charlie card without busting, the player will get that prize associated with the card and not the other ones mentioned in the Charlie card table. If someone lands a hand of seven Charlie card without busting, then he will gain the prize-related with the seven Charlie card and not the ones associated with 9, 10 or some other value.

10. The prizes are awarded in form of multipliers of the initial stake placed up to a value of 1,000,000 times the stake placed. The initial stake has a cap of £10/€10.

11.   The minimum base game stake is £1/€1 while the maximum stake depends upon the table limit. Normally, £10/€10 is considered to be the maximum. If the stake is placed higher than this value, it will still offer the prize or £10/€10.

Some general talk about Blackjack

Please note, this is just a brief overview! Do not take it as a gaming guide. It takes a lot to become a great Blackjack player. One of the best casino table games is the blackjack where all you need to do is to play with the cards. This is the American name for the world popular game of Twenty-One. Here, the player will play against the dealer but no player will compete against each other. One or more card decks with each having fifty-two cards can be used in this table game. Here, the main objective is to reach twenty-one earlier than the dealer and this can be done in the following manner-

·       The player has to get twenty-one in the first two cards drawn before the dealer hits a blackjack.

·       The final summation of the results must be less than twenty-one and lower than that of the dealer.

·       If the dealer draws cards and by mistake, his value exceeds twenty-one.

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