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Is Spin Castle an Online Casino?

No. Spin Castle is a portal to casino world, highlighting especially slot games, roulette & casino news and featuring slot reviews with an opportunity to play games for free. Spin Castle also recommends very carefully selected online casinos which have been established for many years on the online casino market. Any casinos promoted on this website are legally bound to any jurisdiction and you can read more details in their FAQ or Terms & Conditions.

How do I launch a game in Spin Castle?

Click on the 'Play here for free' button to load the game. The screen will expand below the button. If the game does not load, press the same button again or click on the reload game button.

Which casino is the best?

At the moment all our casinos which you can see in the blue box on the right hand side are the best on the market.

My question is not listed above.

If you cannot find the answer that you are looking for, then please feel free to contact us with your questions.

Games Problems

The game is freezing

Every now and then, games providers have to update their systems to make sure that you get the best experience possible. On very rare occasions, it might affect a game or two. If you face any issues regarding a game or it doesn't load on your screen, then please kindly report the issue to us.

Why is the game loading very slowly?

In most cases the problem is related with the Internet connection. Usually, the game should load instantly. The newest games might have more graphic, sound & music resources but the loading should be still very fast.
The loading time is longest when you share your Internet connection with others or if the Internet connection you use is old or limited. Even if the Internet connection is slow the game should eventually load and you should see a progress bar on the game screen.

The game doesn't load at all.

Some games can be played only in specific jurisdictions and you won't be able to play a game if it is blocked by the game provider. In most cases, such information is displayed in the game itself.

All games require your browser to allow using cookies. Cookies are allowed by default when you install your browser but sometimes they could be switched off.

Try a random game from the fruit machines list and if you find that none of the games load, then the problem is most likely with your Internet Browser. We strongly recommend that you use the latest version of the browsers for the best experience. Additionally, sometimes certain games may not be supported by a particular browser. We have discovered that a few games don't tend to work in Chrome but they are working well in all other browsers.


  • Click the Reload game button once or
  • Use a different browser

Responsible Gaming

Do you have any responsible gaming guidance?

Yes, please, follow our Responsible Gaming page and then any link on the page provided.