How to spot the best online casino bonus

How to spot the best online casino bonus

Published on 4/30/2020 7:08:31 PM

100% up to £250, 50% up to £500, extra free spins, bonus released within more deposits. The topic is not as simple as it might look at the first sight and as you see further on, it gets even more complicated. If you are not really a bonus hunter and don't care about peanuts, remember that in regulated gambling markets such as the UK, the differences are not really significant in terms of how much you get for that.

Wagering as the most important part

Read the small letters under each contract and the same goes for the casino bonus, because the important stuff is usually hidden within. This goes for wagering. To explain the importance of wagering I use the following example. I can easily give you a casino bonus £5 000 for free. This looks like a great deal, but casino owners are not stupid. There must be a catch and the catch is to be found in wagering.

Let's compare 2 scenarios with different wagering:

  1. Slots payout 95%, Bonus amount 5 000 and wagering 10 - In this case the casino would be running  a really expensive promotion, since with only 10x wagering the players will in average keep £2 993.5
  2. Slots payout 95%, Bonus amount 5 000 and wagering 100 - Comparing to the previous scenario we have only changed one number and that is the wagering. With wagering only 100 the players in average keep £29. Let's say I am a greedy casino owner and want to bring it down to zero. Increasing the wagering to 150 brings the payout to £2.7 and if I want to bring it close to a zero, adding another 50 in wagering is enough.

Check the list of casino bonuses with wagering.

No deposit Free spins usually disappointing

Getting free spins just for sign up is already not allowed in some regulated markets. This is how it works. The casino asks the game provider and they agree on a price for free spins. Usually the costs per customer do not exceed £2 and the maximum bet per spin is normally a few pennies. However multiplying £2 by thousands you get some significant costs.

Important to realize is that the VIP casino players do not really care for the "small deposit free spins" and the free spin hunters are not making profits for online casino. This combined with the increasing age verification cost turn "No deposit free spins" into a lose/lose business for both - players and the casino.

100% up to £250 or 50% up to £500

Do you plan to deposit £5 or £500? Does the bonus limit make a difference? Is the wagering difference better? I have seen bonuses with 25% up to £3000. There is no doubt that the casino is focusing on the high rollers but is it a good bonus? How to compare it? Many questions and possible answer would look like this:

Bonus released within more deposits

Casinos have indeed realized that some players bring more money and some less. The age and identity verification torture is forcing them to concentrate on those who bring money - preferably as much as possible.

Casinos are trying to motivate players to play for longer and the way they are lately doing it is releasing the bonus within more deposits. Normally 3, but 5 or more are to be found. The best part is that deposit 3 has better conditions than deposits 2 or 1 - this is however not a rule as some casinos keep the same wagering through all deposits. How to spot if there is anything you don't like? Check the wagering of each step!

No wagering free spins

No wagering free spins are completely different than the above mentioned "no deposit free spins". Usually the spin is worth more than a few pence and you only get them after making a deposit and playing. This might sound like a catch and to be honest I see it there. Getting no wagering free spins after you wager your deposit is kind of tricky. But there are also free spins that need to be wagered - I know it's getting messy. The names "no wagering free spins" or "no wagering bonus" have recently been replaced by "buy in bonus". And talking about buying bonuses, make sure to checkout the Best bonus by slots for 2021. This is rather a list of slots and not list of bonuses.

Combination of free spins, welcome bonus and more

In casino gambling is the combination of above mentioned bonuses not rare and with each extra the difficulty of calculating the real value increases. Casinos are trying to astonish you with huge bonus amounts released in multiple steps. each step has better conditions than the previous one and with each you might get no wagering free spins as an extra.

For casinos to be able to provide such a bonus, they have to increase the wagering. At the end it takes a math expert to say what is good and what is not. Are you one? Please look at the following table. This is how a good bonus overview looks like. The information is indeed not complete and we strongly advise you to read the full Terms and Conditions.

Free Spins
Bonus details

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• 18+, Gamble responsibly
Grab Bonus
Full T&C

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