The most popular 2020 slot machines in the UK

The most popular 2020 slot machines in the UK

Published on 04/19/2021 12:17:47

Have you ever walked down the streets of London? Did you notice the amount of gaming shops? I have not any statistics about it, but my feeling says that after pubs were the gaming shops the second most prevalent business to be found. Yes, British people love beer… and gambling. But what exactly do they like? What do they play in casinos? Together with we are proud to introduce the list of the most popular online casino slots in 2020.

Warning: Most popular hardly ever means highest quality, and in this case it is simply a fact.

10. Lucky 8 Line slot

Lucky 8 Line slot is a product from NetEnt. Considering the “not so typical” - subtle design and simple game features, this is rather surprising information. We know NetEnt - as a casino game producer offers the most spectacular slots or table games. This “deviation” forced me to ask:

What is the reason for a high class developer to produce a “not so great” slot game?

British people are massive gamblers and they quite often push it too far. Lucky 8 line slots are often to be found in the land based gambling shops. Like it or not, what people see in there is what they search online. So much for the answer.

9. Mike Tyson knockouts slot

When it comes to popularity, Mike Tyson knockout slot is on position number 9 in our chart. When it comes to quality, the slot scores with 3 points out of 10. The figure of Mike Tyson is however so attractive that his name is not only connected with slot games, but also roulette and blackjack.

8. Lucky Seven slot

In contrast to Mike Tyson knockout slot is Lucky 7 slot not bad at all. One winning line is all you need to have fun. Lucky 7 slot is a so-called traditional retro-style slot machine game with a catchy old style mechanic sound. The sound is fake indeed, but nevertheless it adds to the gaming experience.

7. Hot Scatter slot

Is one winning line not enough? Not that it really matters, but  Hot Scatter slot has 10 of them. Within the game features you can enjoy the double or nothing game feature called “Gamble”. After you hit a winning combination you can choose to cash out or double the winnings by guessing the right color. Not enough? Guess the right symbol and you get 4 times the bet. But what happens if you guess wrong? Yes, you guessed right - you lose it all.

6. Hot Seven slot

If you have a strong feeling that you have seen the name of this slot somewhere, you are right. Position number 8 in our charts is occupied by Lucky Seven slot and now we have Hot Seven slot. Similar name, but the game is completely different. Instead of 1 winning line, you have 10 of them. Do you still have the feeling that you have seen it somewhere? Indeed, the Hot Scatter slot and Hot Seven look like twins. I failed to spot the difference. They both are inspired by the Sizzling Hot slot known mostly in Central Europe.

5. Super Hot Fruits  slot

Same same, but different. Super Hot Fruits slot is similar to Hot Seven or Hot scatter, but the game feature called “Hot Spin” is making it much more catchy and player-attractive. Once you hit the right combination, the play area expands and you get to play on 4 individual slots instead of 1. This is indeed a trap. 4 slots does not mean 4 times higher the chances of winning, it only means busier - while the RTP remains.

4. Centurion slot

Get ready to meet and greet Maximus Winnus. The chief commander of 100 soldiers called Centurion back in those days of Roman Empire. With the rating 5/10 for graphics, the game got saved by 8/10 for sounds and 8/10 for fun factor. What does that mean? Centurion slot game is not in HD, but you can enjoy the following game features: Super Bonus Reels, Reelus Maximus, Prizes on Parade, Road to Rome, 5 of a kind.

3. Super Spins Bar X Gold slot

Super Spins Bar X Gold slot is my favourite. The game is completely missing anything you can call a basic design. X, O and the Bar are the only symbols to be expected and the position number 3 is a proof that people like it simple. A big extra are the 3 jackpots flashing on the top of the play area. A good argument to make you play for longer. Be careful about it!

2. 20p Slot

3 lines, 5 rows and spinning fruits have never been so catchy. Why is the 20p slot so popular? The game went through a redesign in recent years to make the fruits pop-up a little bit more from the background. The sounds got catchier and busier to make you stick for a little longer. The 20p slot is not a graphical masterpiece, but gambling is not about beauty.

1. 20p Roulette

The sibling of the 20p slot and the winner of the most popular 2020 slot machines in the UK contest is actually not a slot but a table game. Some players do not have too much trust in slots and believe roulette is different. Maybe that is why they put so many times the key word 20p roulette into the Google search form. With really simple design is 20p roulette an unexpected winner.


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