Why 200% bonus can be better than 400% at online casinos

Published on 01/19/2024 14:12:53

Among all kinds of promotions online casinos use to attract new players, deposit matching bonuses are still some of the most important ones. 

They are always displayed in percentage, which determine how much free money a new member will get to play. A 200% bonus is among the most common offers in the market, which means that the bonus sum is two times bigger than a deposit.

But how about bonus offers that give you even more money to play? For example, some online casinos offer promotions that are four times bigger than the deposit. 

Is a 400% bonus two times better than more common 200% bonus offers or things are maybe quite the opposite? Let’s find out how a classic 200% bonus can actually be a better offer than a 400% promotion, even though things seem completely different at the first glance.

Do note that most of the casinos offering 400% bonuses operates without a license or self-exclusion. Dutch casinos without CRUKS (Centraal Register Uitsluiting Kansspelen) are on the forefront of offering these types of bonuses.

200% and 400% Bonuses Explained

Things with welcome bonuses are pretty simple. New players get rewarded for choosing a certain online casino to sign up for. Depending on the casino's policy, they can get a deposit matching bonus that ranges from 100% to 500%.

One of the most common promotions is the 200% bonus. In that case, your deposit is matched by 200%, which means that if you make a €100 deposit, you will get another €200 to play. If a casino offers a 400% bonus, you will get a reward that’s four times bigger than your deposit. So, once you make your first payment of €100, for example, you will get an additional $400, which makes a total sum of $500.

At first look, a 400% definitely looks much better. However, the bonus offer isn’t just about the percentage. Bonus offers come with all kinds of terms and conditions, which can significantly change the quality of every bonus offer. It’s not a rare case to see a higher-percentage bonus offer with tighter restrictions, such as higher wagering requirements or a lower max bonus limit. For that reason, a 200% bonus is often a better deal than two times bigger promotions.

Let’s take a look at some of the most important aspects of bonus offers that determine its actual quality:

Wagering Requirements

The wagering requirement is probably the most important aspect of deposit-matching bonus offers. It determines your eligibility to use potential winnings you make with the bonus money. It comes in the “number x” form where the number determines the wagering requirement and the “x” stands for the deposit. So, it a wagering requirement is 30x and you claim a bonus with a €50 deposit, that means that you will have to wager 30x€50. This means that you will have to spend at least €1500 before you become eligible for withdrawing anything you win with the bonus money. (source)

As higher-percentage bonus offers often come with higher wagering requirements, it’s up to you to do the math and see if that promotion is actually better than some 200% offer, and see if it’s even worth claiming.

Minimum Deposit

Another important aspect of bonus offers is the minimum deposit. That would be the sum you have to deposit, in order to become eligible for claiming the bonus. In many cases, more generous promotions require higher deposits, which makes them worse in practice. Not only that the initial costs are higher, but this is also closely related to the aforementioned wagering requirements, as your actual requirement will come from a higher multiplied sum.

Max Bonus Limit

No matter how high the deposit matching percentage is, there is always the issue of the max limit. Every bonus offer comes with it. For example, it can be €1000, but it can also be as low as €200. So, if you plan a large first deposit, make sure to check the bonus limit. For example, if the limit for a 400% bonus is €400, your €200 deposit won’t mean much, because you will still get only €400, even though 400% of €200 is €800. Simply, everything above a €100 deposit will be excluded from the promotion.

Max Withdrawal Sum

A max withdrawal sum is another aspect of terms and conditions that you need to read carefully. Operators always put a cap on max winnings, so even if you win a jackpot with your bonus funds, you won’t be able to withdraw more than what is the max withdrawal sum. Everything above that limit will remain in the house.

Games Restrictions

For a great playing experience, it’s critical to get access to the best games. So, make sure to check which games are part of a certain promotion. A 400% bonus with tight game restrictions is nowhere near as good as a 200% bonus offer that allows you to play the most popular titles in the online casino world.

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Time restrictions

If you claim a generous bonus, you will need time to use all the awarded funds, so it’s important to check the time restrictions of every bonus offer. Simply, every promotion has an expiry date and if it’s too short, you may not be able to use the complete bonus because once it expires, the remaining funds will be removed from your account. So, we always recommend bonus offers with loose time restrictions, where you can take your time and use free money at your pace.

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