Red Dog

Red Dog Progressive

I was wondering how to start to write a review on Red Dog Progressive casino game. To be honest, I spent quite some time to read the rules and learn to play Red Dog. I wasn't successful. I still don't know how to play it. Down below you only find the short version rules how NetEnt released them. I am introducing the game on Spincastle just to please those who know. Have good ties, guys.

  • Red Dog Progressive is a casino card game using a single deck of 52 cards which are shuffled after each round.
  • To win you need to get a card with a value in between the values of the first two cards drawn.
  • For each game round, three cards are dealt: two face up and the third face down, between the first two.
  • You bet on the spread between the two cards dealt face up and the odds of the third card drawn falling between the two cards. (The spread is the number of cards that fit between the original two, for example: if the first two cards are a 2 and a 6 the spread is 3.)
  • If the third card is identical to or outside the spread of the original cards, the table wins.
  • When the two first two cards are consecutive the game is a draw. When the first two cards are identical the third is turned with the chance of getting three of a kind (with a payout of 11:1). You can raise your original bet after viewing the first two cards.

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