Bet365 Casino VIP Club Review

Bet365 Casino VIP Club Review

Published on 10/06/2017 20:13:49

Let us start with our opinion. We checked over 20 casino VIP lounges and consider the one from bet365 to be the most clear and "measurable" - not leaving too much space for speculations. It however takes ages to go through - but you should do that if you play in casino and bet on sport events on a regular basis. We see also some other decent ones, such as Prospect Hall VIP club. The thing is, we struggle to measure the benefits. We would really appreciate to know how much do we have to wager to get the benefits. At the time we tried to find out (December 2018), representatives at the casinos could not really tell us either.

Other ones, such as Vegas Hero VIP club or Betfred VIP lounge and others we consider having some potential, but we failed to find out the details to judge.

Here what the offer starts

You shall be automatically entered into the Bet365 VIP Scheme provided herein right after you register with the website. Get ready to climb the ladder as soon as you proceed to play to gain bigger and better rewards.

Comment Spincastle: The day you sign up is the day you entered the casino loyalty scheme. No conditions, no unanswered questions such as "When". We at Spincastle really appreciate this approach - especially after checking the other offers from other gambling operators.

This is how you can get rewarded with the Bet365 VIP system

  • The process will begin at the Bronze level.
  • When you reach 150,000 comp points, you will be granted with the Silver status.
  • Once you successfully earn 500,000 comp points, you will be granted with the Gold player status.
  • Once you receive a Milestone Bonus and reach the set targets of 50,000, 150,000 and 1,500,000 comp points, the door of rewards opens.

Below is the study of the detailed benefits that could be availed to you at each bet365 VIP stage:

Comment Spincastle: Could the system be more clear? We believe Bet365 made it as simple as possible. Sure, the details of the scheme will get more complicated, but there is no escape from that - as you see further down.

VIP Loyal Status

Bronze: Beginner Level

  • Lets you make the most of the comp points conversion rate of 100 points per one unit of currency.
    • Comment Spincastle: There is a reason why the exchange rate is not 1:1. IT is not a pure marketing (to make it look more), but as you climb to silver and bronze levels, the exchange gets better in your favor.
  • Once you are done accruing 50,000 comp points, you are able to contact us to claim the milestone bonus of 50 euros.
    • Comment Spincastle: I really appreciate the bonus for existing customers. I remember the times, when only the new ones got rewarded.
  • There is an exclusive bonus suite granted to you by our Bonus Team.
    • Comment Spincastle: I understand that the offers and bonuses change and it is difficult to be precise all he time.
  • You may have all the access to cash prizes as well as exciting bonuses.
  • You can climb on to the silver level once you nail 150,000 comp points.

Silver: 150,000 Comp Points

  • This level improves your redemption rate for the comp points. You can enjoy a rate of 85 points per one unit of currency.
    • Comment Spincastle: This is a good step to keep the players playing. A good deal for both sides.
  • On achieving the silver status, you are able to connect with the milestone bonus of 100 euros.
  • The bonus team offers you an exclusive silver level bonus suite.
    • Comment Spincastle: Again, nothing concrete. I would at least appreciate some examples there.
  • You can climb on to the gold level once you nail 500,000 comp points.
    • Comment Spincastle: A long way to become the gold partner. I believe bet365 at the end really wants some VIPs.

Gold: 500,000 Comp Points

  • A further improved redemption rate where you can enjoy a rate of 75 points per one unit of currency.
    • Comment Spincastle: I expected slightly more, but I am sure they did the math.
  • On achieving the gold status, you can connect with us to claim a milestone bonus of 350 euros.
    • Comment Spincastle: At least you get the satisfaction of 350 bonus euros after getting here. This is not a bad number.
  • Our bonus team offers exclusive gold level bonus suite.
  • You may have an access to the exclusive VIP Account Managers.
    • Comment Spincastle: My most favourite part. It is always great to have a special treatment. They actually don't tend to get pushy, the communication is rather pleasant.
  • You can maintain your status of gold by merely accruing 2,500 comp points in every three months.
    • Comment Spincastle: It is a relief to know that you don't have to spend 70% of the week playing, betting and gambling to maintain the status.
  • On reaching 1,500,000 comp points you can contact us to claim a further milestone bonus of 1,500,000.
    • Comment Spincastle: I am glad to find out that this is not the end. Maintaining the Gold level will keep you the Golden advantages, plus you can get some extra.

Important terms and conditions:

  1. You shall be started with the Bronze Status in the VIP scheme and shall be assessed post the play for the first month in the casino. You shall gain the Silver status once you reach 150,000 comp points and the Gold status once you reach 500,000 comp points respectively.
  2. You can get the Milestone Bonuses once you reach the comp points of 50,000, 150,000, 500,000 as well as 1,500,000 respectively.
  3. You shall be required to wager the total value of your bonuses of the milestone twenty times on the real money games within the period of thirty days before opting for a transfer or withdrawal.
    • Comment Spincastle: Wagering is a legitimate request with all bonuses. The operators simply need to make sure, that the bonus will not cause them too much damage. The math will simply reduce your chance to cash out the bonus.
  4. Not all the casino games contribute or collect at the same rate towards your requirement of wagering. Please check the full offer terms and conditions listed below.
    • Comment Spincastle: This is the most annoying part. Since different games have different payouts and different conditions between the game provider and the casino, it is quite hard to make it uniform. I am quite sure, nobody is really checking that and there will be some surprises. Just take your time and contact their support to avoid them.

Full terms and conditions:

  1. Membership as to the scheme of VIP is at the lone discretion of Bet365. The website reserves to refuse or revoke the membership at any point of time.
  2. You shall begin with the Bronze status in the casino VIP scheme and shall be assessed with the first month’s play in the casino on an initial basis. You shall be granted with the status of silver on reaching 150,000 comp points as well as the gold status on reaching 500,000 comp points.
  3. You can get the Milestone Bonuses on reaching 50,000 comp points, 150,000 comp points, 500,000 comp points as well as 1,500,000 comp points.
  4. You shall be automatically reverted to the Bronze status if you do not place any bets in the silver or gold level in the scheme of VIP up to a period of thirteen weeks.
  5. An individual who has been named into the account is considered to be eligible to attain all the benefits as well as the relevant rewards available in the VIP scheme. No transfer of any aspect in the same scheme is allowed in between different players and their accounts.
  6. All the comp points collect for the promotions and rewards available within in the VIP scheme and the same are calculated at the rate which they have been accrued using the conversion table of the comp points.
  7. Any Milestone Bonuses must be necessarily wagered twenty times prior getting transferred or withdrawn from the account. Not all the games available herein add to the same percentage towards the wagering requirement. (Kindly note that the additional games might be added to the list once they are made available on the website). The wagers made on the games contribute hundred percent, provided the following exceptions. All the casino games within the category of the Games & Keno contribute fifty percent, Baccarat including all the variations except the Baccarat side bets, Blackjack including all the variations except Blackjack Switch, Blackjack Surrender and Lucky Blackjack, Let them Ride Poker, Casino Hold’em, Pai Gow Poker including all the variations, Craps, table game Red Dog, Pontoon, Roulette and all the variations, Stravaganza, Sic Bo as well as other video poker games add twenty-five percent. Blackjack Surrender, Live Hi-Lo, Blackjack Switch, Video Slots or Video Poker double-up games as well as Multi Spin Slot Games (Ocean Princess, Goblin’s Cave, Triple Profits, Ugga Bugga and Tropic Reels) do not contribute to the wagering requirement.
  8. All the bonuses that have been claimed as the part of the promotion are valid for thirty days. Any unredeemed or unused bonuses shall be removed post the said period.
  9. Any bonus amounts or prize amounts shall be calculated making the use of the current currency multiplier table at the sole discretion of the website.
  10. The wagers that have been made on the real money shall contribute to the requirement of wagering.
  11. On the account of withdrawal or transfer made by the customer, they are required to forfeit the bonus and lose all the funds that have been held in the bonus balance.
  12. No risk of minimal wagering is permitted to add to any part of the promotion. This also includes the bonus wagering requirements as well as the accumulation of the points. The players are required to use the tactics of minimal risk wagering in order to redeem their cash prizes or bonuses risk having their bonuses, cash prizes as well as any other winnings removed.
  13. On the account of the breach of any offer or promotion or on account of finding an evidence of the series of bet placed by customer/customers that is due to the free bets, deposit bonus, enhanced payments, risk free bets or any other set of promotional offer results in the guaranteed customer profits regardless of the consequences, whether individually or collectively, the website reserves the right to reclaim the element of bonus of such offer and is also reserved with a right to settle bets at the correct odds. In addition to this, the website also reserves the right to levy an administration charge on to the customer rising up to a value of the deposit bonus, risk free bet, free bet or the additional payment in order to cover up for the administrative costs. Bet365 also reserves the right to question the customer for documentation as to its identity.
  14. Bet365 offers are granted for the recreational players and the website at its lone discretion may restrict the eligibility of the customers as to their participation in the promotions.
  15. All the customer offers are restricted to one per person, household address, family, email address, same payment account number, telephone number and the shared computer. The website reserves the right to withdraw the availability of the offer/offers to any customer/customers at any point of time at its lone discretion. Offers are applicable to the customers who have made real money deposit with the website.
    • Comment Spincastle: Don't underestimate this condition. There was a case from 2019 (ended), where the operator (not Bet365) was refusing to payout the win, because the stake was made on behalf of a third person. The result of this case was not published. We don't know who won the court, but after a huge win, the last thing you want to hear is that there is another person placing bets from your computer and "We don't pay".
  16. Bet365 reserves the rights to cancel, amend, reclaim or refuse any promotion at its lone discretion.
  17. Bet365 reserves the right to make the use of names, alias, nicknames, country, and country of residence in regard to any announcement as to the tournament results, recipients of any promotional bonus or the winners of the Progressive jackpot.
  18. The officers, employees as well as directors of the website, its licenses and licencor, promotional or other agencies as well as all the other associated companies shall not be held eligible for the promotion. The same terms are applicable to the direct families of such parties.

If you managed to read up to this point, ou are one of the few. Even if you did, there might be at the end some surprises, since nobody can really remember all that information.

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