Bwin VIP Club

Bwin VIP Club

Published on 19/02/2018

The more you look forward to playing your game at bwin, the better market points as well as status points you gather. After collecting all the sufficient number of points, you can take them into your hands to further strive towards a variety of exclusive products. These points also grant you various top privileges during your game.

Here is how everything works:

Status points

These points are credited into your account whenever you pick the option of playing for real money stakes or rakes and determine the status at b’inside. However, you need to keep a check on one golden rule: the more points you have, the better is the status and the more are the number of advantages. The Status points that you gather have a one-month validity. Bwin calculates your status every month.

Market points

The market points are credited into your account while playing for real money stakes or rakes. You can also collect them by the way of promotions. These points can also be exchanged for exclusive products at the same market that money just cannot buy. If you are inactive for 12 weeks in your game, a minimum of 200 points (20 percent) of your market points shall be expired every week.
Check out the following information:

Rake needed to earn 1 Status Point Rake needed to earn 1 Market Point
All levels All levels
Cash Games* EUR 0.50 EUR 0.50
Tournament** EUR 0.50 EUR 0.50


  • Points shall be credited into your account in real time once you are done finishing the game.
  • *Points per rake: the contribution of your rake is calculated by making the use of a system known as generted rake. The calculation here is done by the way of dividing the aggregate earning by the number of players who have contributed into the game. Thereafter the money is allocated as per the contribution of the players.
  • **Points per tournament fee.

Note: If the wager is in another currency, the calculation of the points shall rely upon the EUR from the converted wager amount. Conversion is based on the foreign exchange rate during the time of the settlement of the wager.


Stake needed to earn 1 Status or Promotional Point Stake needed to earn 1 Market Point
All levels All levels
Blackjack, Live Dealer Blackjack, Live Dealer Casino Hold’em EUR 150 EUR 150
Roulette*, Live Dealer Roulette*, Live Dealer Baccarat, Baccarat EUR 50 EUR 50
Slots, Classic Slots, Hi-Lo Games, Scratch Games, Virtual Sports, Fixed Odds Games EUR 10 EUR 10
Jackpot Slots, Raffle Jackpot, Jackpot Keno EUR 25 EUR 25
Video Poker EUR 20 EUR 20


  • *Points cannot be accumulated by the way of low-risk roulette bets.
  • Points are earned on Better or Tens, Casino War and Red Dog at the rate of one point for EUR 20 stake.
  • Points cannot be earned on Texas Hold’em Bonus Poker.
  • Points are credited into your account in the real time once you are done resolving a wager.

The list of casino games* belonging to this category is huge, we recommend you to check out the following:

Note: The table is used for indicative purpose only. The calculation of the points varies which is totally based on the foreign exchange rates and international bank rates during the time of settlement of the wager.

* The list of promoted casino games was up to date at the date when this news has been released. Please Check the actual list directly at bwin.

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