Global online gambling market turnover in 2021

Global online gambling market turnover in 2021

Published on 11/03/2021 07:45:00

Before we dive into the numbers, let's look at the reasons for the astronomical amount.

Casinos and the games they offer have rapidly evolved over the recent past. This could be owed to the fact that individual participants seek to play casino games at their convenience, be I from the comfort of their homes or offices. This has been made even easier owing to the fact that digital devices like smartphones and laptops are currently easy to acquire. These together with a reliable internet connection make it easy for interested individuals to participate in online casino games at their own convenience.

There is also provision by these online casinos for you to access free games, alongside new games every other time that make this arena even more appealing.

It is favorable to engage with a licensed gambling online facility since in this manner, you are assured of a fair game. Aside from this fact, you are able to settle down and play for a long indefinite time period.

Technology keeps advancing every day. The internet has also revolutionized the way people conduct their lives, this includes how people interact with each other, make sales, buy products and recreational activities. It is in this line that the growth of gambling activities has expanded as both first time participants and gurus engage in sports and betting games. The internet allows for you to gather information about these games like Black jack, poker and roulette, while at the same time avail a forum through which you can engage in the games as you stand a chance to earn from your bets.

This is a game changer since, as previously witnessed, gaming enthusiasts had to physically visit casinos to engage in their favorite games. What is more is that you get to earn while at it.

Online casinos

Online casinos avail all the game options at the comfort of your home/office/hotel. It has advantages attached to it as discussed below.


There are a variety of bonuses you can get while playing online games. Depending on the platform, these include; welcome bonuses where you earn a bonus immediately you sign up and log into your account with the online gaming forum in question, after placing a minimum required deposit. This is able to earn a handsome percentage cash back. On the other hand, deposit bonuses are earned when you deposit into your account.

Many are the online casinos that offer this type of bonus to their clients. There is also the free spin bonus where no wagers are placed. Instead you must spin the reels very many times, through which you get an opportunity to earn a small cut off the jackpot.

When it comes to loyalty bonuses, you enjoy special incentives which you may not otherwise gain access to. These are mostly awarded to the loyal clients who have remained attached to the online casino offering this bonus and play the games on this platform. It targets the return clients.

Other bonuses you may enjoy are no deposit bonuses, cash back bonuses, reload bonuses among others which all depend on the platform you use for your online gambling activities.

With bet365 games, you enjoy up to 60 free spins on exciting games. They also offer a variety of deals that allow for live stream sporting events which engages software that is compatible with almost all devices. This implies that you can engage in the games by practically any digital device. Play-in options here are also extensive with a massive selection of slot machines and table games. It has also passed as a trustworthy platform that is expected to remain active even in the future.

Client support

With online casinos, in case of queries and ‘how to’ challenges, all you need to do is to engage customer support using the available live chat options, email, phone number or other, provided on the same window you use to play.

Some of the best casinos in the market today assure their clients full support by being available seven days a week, 24 hours a day.

You can also reach their desk by live chats, emails or by calling directly to the numbers availed.

Personalized customer care services are provided by some companies in an effort to facilitate a human feel to their virtual clients. Special deals are also offered as a way to appreciate loyal clients alongside attracting new ones.

Feedback based on studies that have been conducted over time about trends in specific online casinos, offers a great mechanism for you to make an informed choice while shopping for an online casino.

Wide platform of games

Online casinos provide you with a very wide platform within which you can play thousands of games. New games are frequently available and on top of that, a specific game could have a number of variations to it such that your gaming experience is varied and you are always spoilt for choice. This in comparison to physical casinos, you can only get as much. Given the limited space in land casinos, such variety cannot be a reality.


You can engage in online casino games without physical accessibility limitations. In some nations where such activities are prohibited, the online provision comes in handy.

According to Cision PR Newswire, the global online gambling market was expected to grow from $64.13 Billion in 2020 to $72.02 Billion in 2021 at a compound annual growth rate of 12.3%.

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