How Jackpot 6000 Represents the Best of Online Slots

How Jackpot 6000 Represents the Best of Online Slots

Published on 09/25/2020 19:15:48

When you think about, slots are never really the same. Sure, they all produce clinking sounds and light up when you win. They also feature reels graced by colourful symbols, betting lines and jackpots.

But when you ask any experienced casino player, there are good and not so good slot machines. Jackpot 6000 is a perfect example of a slot everyone wants to play. Here’s why.

A Near Perfect RTP

A slot’s Return to Player (RTP) describes the percentage of wagered money it’s programmed to pay out in the long run. Online slots have an RTP that ranges from 90% to 96%. The best machines, though, have an RTP of 97% to 99%. And that’s where Jackpot 6000 falls into.

Armed with an RTP of 98.9% (make sure to check the RTP in your territory), only a handful of games payout at a better rate than this NetEnt slot machine. It’s an A-list machine designed to keep players online for longer. Nice trap, isn't it!

That said, there’s more to an online slot than its Return to Player rate, which drives us to the next point…

Adjustable Betting Lines

Let's cut the chase. Jackpot 6000 isn't packed with pay lines, reels or huge coin sizes. But it gives you an option to adjust your bet, nonetheless. Precisely, you can bet on five pay lines, and adjust your coin size from 0.1 to 2. In other words, you can bet from £0.1 to £2 per line.

Obviously, high rollers might not like the game's low maximum betting limits. But it's an excellent game for people that prefer to wager small and medium amounts. With that in mind, Jackpot 6000 compensates its limited number of pay lines in other ways.

For example, it’s loaded with in-game features designed to increase your chances of winning. It also features an Autoplay icon for people that like to turn on automatic spins. Then there’s the 6000x jackpot we’ll talk about shortly.


As this Jackpot 6000 review points out, the NetEnt game is pretty interesting. There are two layers to it: the main game and the super meter mode. If you win something in the first game, you get an option to double your profits in a heads and tails bet.

You can keep playing head or tails until you can’t risk anymore or lose your profits. As a tip, avoid the 50/50 bet as much as you can. Instead, move on to the super meter mode and try to amplify your profits from there.

The joker brings in the best prizes. Although he acts as the wild in the main game, two jokers in the super meter earn you 50x or 100x your bet. The prizes are random. But if you trigger three jokers, you could walk away with 6000x your stake.

A Mobile Responsive Game

Everyone keeps saying mobile gaming is the future, from video game publishers and developers to streamers and average Joe players. And sure enough, no one looks down on mobile games anymore.

Instead, casino players prefer to play mobile-responsive games. And that’s precisely what Jackpot 6000 provides. Depending on where you play it, you can download a native app or use a mobile browser.

The trends, these days, is to create games that can be played on mobile browsers. And that's alright. The goal is to play your favourite slots through your iPhone, iPad and tablet devices.

Decent Graphics

Although Jackpot 6000 is a classic slot game, it looks decent. It might not feature the 3D graphics Betsoft uses on its slots. And neither does it support VR. But its graphics look neat and the music is tolerable.

These are simple features that look unimportant. Yet they can make a difference in how people react to a new game. The best slots have beautiful graphics and full HD resolutions. Their soundtracks are melodious and captivating narratives.

Helpful Jackpot 6000 Betting Tips

Now that you know Jackpot 6000 is one of the best slots out there, you might want to play it. And you probably want to win money. Here are a few helpful tips to increase your odds of winning whenever you play the game:

  • Higher stakes have higher RTP

Higher stakes leading to higher RTP and lower stakes with lower RTP? This will be most likely banned pretty soon, since the UKGC does not want to support high stakes. I say: fair enough!

  • Play Within your Budget

Being a classic slot, Jackpot 6000 isn’t rich in wilds, multipliers and free spins. Instead, it focuses on the jackpot. And that means although it has a decent payout rate, it’s a high-variance game. For the uninitiated, it means payouts are scarce but decent.

Regardless, it’s standard advice that the way to play slots responsibly is through a budget. And when you hit your limit, you must quit playing or at least lower your stakes. Don’t chase your losses. It only leads to more losses.

  • Don’t Gamble your Wins

We can’t emphasize this point enough. Jackpot 6000 allows you to gamble your profits for the main game. Don’t. Slots wins don’t come easily. So, why risk your money with a heads or tails decision?

As we mentioned, the smarter thing to do is to chase for the Joker in the super meter mode. If you trigger two or three of them, you’ll walk away with an awesome chunk of change.

  • Play at a Reliable Casino

This seems obvious but you don’t want to play a great slot at an untrustworthy website. Your objective is to have fun and win money. But that’s now what every casino is after. Some of them don’t maintain their website and will frustrate you with constant crashes.

As such, find a top-rated NetEnt website and create an account. Claim a bonus if you can. It’s an essential tool for helping increase your odds of winning. 

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