Online gambling and money

Online gambling and money

Published on 07/06/2022 17:22:02

When it comes to online gambling, the major question always asked by punters is:

Of course, this is possible... but have you ever asked yourself a question "why over 90% of all punters lose their money?" Have you asked a question if it is mathematically possible to win the jackpot for more than one lucky bastard?

There must be something wrong about the strategies promising "earning money with online gambling", don't you think? There are 2 major fundamentals determining the result of a game (any game):

  1.   Luck
  2.   Skill

In online gambling, games played are categorized into luck-based and skill-based. Luck-based games require no special ability or skill. Results gotten from such games are mainly by chance. On the other hand, skill-based games require mastery before winning is possible.

Luck vs. Skill

There are several luck-based games, and they often come with house edges. For instance, In an online casinos in Latvia, luck-based games are played against the casino rather than other players. This means in such games, you win based on luck, and an example is the online slots game. Do you know your chances? Look at RTP. Some games have a theoretical return to a player between 87 - 98%. Yhe higher number, the better for you. As you see, this number never goes beyond 100% and this means that at the end you will lose - no matter what

On the other hand, skill-based games are played among players who compete against each other rather than against the house. Unlike luck-based games, there are no house edges to skill-based games; instead, the gambling site charges a fee for facilitating the game.

It is easier to make money long-term from skill-based games, especially when you are good at the game, compared to luck-based games. Poker players know what am talking about, right?

Online Casino Games

Online casino is one of the biggest markets in the gambling sector. They are a great means for excellent gamblers to make money by playing certain casino games. However, online casino games are not created equally. These games are a combination of skill and luck. As earlier mentioned, online slots are purely based on luck/chance, while poker and blackjack, on the other hand, are games of skill that cannot be won unless a player is good at the game.

Taking advantage of Bonuses?

Be careful! Claiming gambling bonuses is a cool way to save some cash in online gambling, but they will not earn you money. These rewards are worth taking advantage of as they can turn the odds in your favor, but there is no guarantee. Online gambling bonuses come in several forms. However, the most common are bonus cash, free bet, free spins, and free plays. When properly utilized, bonuses increase players' chances of winning with lower risks.

Online sports betting

Another online gambling market worth exploring is sports betting. Skill is required to "not lose it all" in sports betting because this is a skill-based market.

Sports betting is making correct predictions on sports events - NHL, NBA, UEFA Champions League or any other event. For such gambling, you need to be knowledgeable about certain sports games and carry out extensive research on them as well as the betting odds worth wagering on.

Cs:Go - gambling or gaming?

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive is a first-person shooter game that has gradually become popular among online gamblers. Here, players are offered an opportunity to bet on several items, including skins and other players' abilities.

This is a relatively new way of online gambling. Aside from placing bets on e-sports, gamblers can trade in-game items for real cash or exchange them for other digital items with other players.

Final Thought

Due to the risks involved in gambling, it is always advisable to gamble with money you can afford to lose. Keep that in mind.

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