What is Neosurf and can it be a viable payment method?

What is Neosurf and can it be a viable payment method?

Published on 29/10/2020

Selecting an online casino payment method can often seem like an overwhelming task. There are so many different options to choose from and much to consider when weighing up which one best suits your needs. Securing a fast payout is obviously your main priority, but convenience, fees and availability must also be considered.

One payment option that is growing in popularity of late in Neosurf. The prevalence of Neosurf casinos has increased markedly in recent times, which begs the question: could it really become as prevalent as some of its main competitors? We examined its features closely to find out.

What is Neosurf?

Neosurf was established in 2004. Its company headquarters are in France but it is a truly international payment method which is available in over 50 different countries. The UK, Australia, Canada, China and Malta are all serviced by the company and it is constantly looking to expand into new territories.

Neosurf is a prepayment card which provides a solution to players who do not wish to link their bank account to an online casino. Instead of using a credit or debit card, cards can be purchased for cash at a local retailer. The cards are available in following denominations: €10, €15, €20, €30, €50, and €100.

In order to avoid any irritating currency transaction fees, it is recommended that you purchase a Neosurf card loaded with the same currency that you intend to game with on the online casino site.

Advantages of Neosurf

One of the best things about Neosurf is that it creates an extra layer of separation between your bank account and your online casino use. Instead of entering your bank details straight into the site, you can simply use your prepaid card. This is helpful for security reasons.

Neosurf can also be used to assist you in budgeting. For example, if you know that you only want to spend €50 per month on online gambling, all you need to do is buy a Neosard card at the beginning of said month and you have a great way of preventing yourself overspending.

Drawback of Using Neosurf

The main disadvantage of the Neosurf card is that it is only available from a store. If there is not a participating retail outlet near where you live, then it is going to be extremely challenging for you to use the method on a regular basis.

Another drawback is that although the number of Neosurf casinos are increasing, the payment method is still not accepted by a large swathe of operators.

Will it become as popular as its competitors?

There are a lot of reasons to switch to using Neosurf but we have some doubts over whether it has the ability to usurp some of its competitors as the preeminent online casino payment method. Neteller, Skrill and PayPal have a huge market share and getting players to part with these eWallets in favour of Neosurf is likely to be a tough ask. We should not rule it out entirely though.

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